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OPP Natural Rubber Tape



Using only premium grade natural rubber adhesive, our OPP tapes are widely used in frozen foods and harsh environments.

Kraft Paper Flatback Tape

                   Kraft Flatback Tape


Specially formulated for use in the paper mill industry for the most demanding splicing applications. Virtually eliminates breakage.

Aluminium Industrial Tape

                   Aluminium Tape


A highly conformable foil tape with strong chemical and moisture resistance. Excellent choice for the HVAC industry.

Thread Seal Teflon Tape

                   Thread Seal Tape


A PTFE Tape which is chemically inert and flame resistant. Commonly used as a sealant with piping industrialists. 

Stainless Steel 304 Tape

                   Stainless Steel Tape



DS Acrylic Foam Tape Clear

                   Acrylic Foam Tape Clear


Our clear version of acrylic foam tape is the most transparent and most sticky in the world! Try it for yourself!

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

                   PVC Wire Tape


Coated with top grade rubber adhesive, this tape is flame retardant and commonly used for electrical insulation purposes.

Anti-Slip Safety Tape

                   Anti-Slip Tape


Our anti-slip tapes combines high quality abrasives and and durable adhesives to provide outstanding slip resistance.

EPR Rubber Splicing Tape



Using only the finest grade of Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), our insulation tapes can splice up to 69kV and 130°C.

OPP Lamination Tape

                   OPP Lamination Film


With lengths of up to 9,000 meters, we help our flexographic print & labelling customers save immense production costs.

D/S Automotive Acrylic Tape



We provide bonding solutions to the high performance automotive industry with our unique acrylic adhesive foam tape.

D/S Foam Tape PE

                   D/S PE Foam Tape


A foam tape that specializes in bonding irregular surfaces. Commonly used in building, construction & furniture industry.

D/S EVA Foam Tape

                   D/S EVA Foam Tape


A double-sided high density foam tape with excellent bond strength for use in advertising and signage industries.

Masking Tape HT Automotive

                   Masking HT


Capable of withstanding temperatures of 120°C, this masking tape is a favourite with automotive spray painting.

Copper Foil Shielding Tape

                   Copper Foil PET Tape



D/S Cloth Carpet Tape

                   Carpet Tape Rubber


Widely used in carpeting applications for large exhibitions, this tape does not leave any residue for up to 45 days!

Polyester PET Holding Tape

                   Polyester PET Holding Tape


Our high tensile strength PET holding tapes with are widely used for temporary holding of electronic appliances. 

Kapton® Polyimide Tape

                   Kapton Polyimide Tape


A Dupont™ Kapton® film tape for PCB soldering masking applications for temperatures of up to 400°C!

PET Transformer Insulation Tape



Our PET Transformer Insulation Tape can withstand extreme high temperatures and flame, meeting stringent UL standards.

Cloth Natural Rubber Tape



Our colourful cloth tapes are made of premium rayon cloth with top grade aggressive natural rubber adhesive.

D/S Non-woven Tissue Tape

                   Double Sided Non Woven Tissue Tape


Offering high tack and shear, this tape is designed to perform under a wide range of industrial lamination applications.

OPP Tape Clear

                   OPP Tape Clear


A general purpose packaging tape that offers a rugged structure and high tensile strength. Comes in different colours too!

Washi Paint Masking Tape

                   Washi Paint Masking Tape


A smooth Japanese washi paper paint masking tape offering bake resistance of up to 100°C with clean removal.

Aluminium PET Tape Natural Rubber

                   Aluminium PET Tape Rubber



MOPP Holding Tape

                   MOPP Holding Tape


Our extreme high tensile strength MOPP holding tapes with are widely used for heavy duty holding and bundling.

ESD Metalized PET Tape

                   ESD Metalized PET Tape


A ESD metalized film tape coated with a special engineered electrically conductive adhesive for a static-free environment.

Cloth Tape Printed Logo

                   Cloth Tape Printed


Feeling expressive? Convey your big ideas and desired designs with the printed logo cloth tape!

Butyl Electrical Insulation Tape



A self-amalgamating electrical insulation tape that is made of premium quality butyl rubber for insulation up to 30kV.

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